Due to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine for the last ten days, an oil crisis seems to be arising around the world.

 In the last few days, the price of oil has crossed the mark of hundred dollars per barrel. In such a situation, the effect of this oil crisis is being seen in all countries around the world

But on such occasions, America’s eyes fall on the caves of oil reserves located in its southern states of Louisiana and Texas. And in view of the current situation,

some other countries including the US affiliated with the International Energy Agency have decided to release 60 million barrels of oil to rein in oil prices.

The Biden administration has decided to release 30 million barrels of oil from its strategic oil reserves. America’s geological oil reserves are so large

that it has been giving America an opportunity to meet its oil consumption and handle the supply in the oil market during such difficult times.

These oil reserves of America are present in salt rocks in 60 geological caves spread from Beton Rog in Louisiana to Freeport in Texas.

Salt is very beneficial in preserving crude oil because both elements do not mix together.

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