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What Prime Minister Narendra Modi Said On #TheKashmirFiles

the kashmir files
the kashmir files

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has given his reaction to the film #TheKashmirFiles released on 11 March. In his address to the BJP Parliamentary Board meeting today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked in detail about the film.

In his address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “It is the misfortune of our country to keep history in the right perspective in front of the society at the right time, in which books are important. Poems have importance, literature has importance and so is the importance of the film industry.

Narendra Modi said that if at that time someone had dared to make a film on the entire life of Mahatma Gandhi and put it in front of the world, perhaps we could have given the message. For the first time, when a foreigner made a film on Mahatma Gandhi and received awards on awards, the world came to know how great Mahatma Gandhi was.

PM Modi said in a sarcastic way that “Many people talk about Freedom of Expression but you must have seen that no film could be made on Emergency because there was constant effort to suppress the truth. Partition of India, when we on 14th August When I decided to remember it as a horror day, many people had a big problem.

PM Modi said that after all, how can the country forget all this, even from them one gets to learn.

Narendra Modi said, “Has any film ever been made on the reality of the Partition of India…! Now that’s why you must have seen that the new film ‘The Kashmir Files’ that has come out these days is being discussed. The flags of expression are kept raised, that whole group is furious for the last five-six days, and instead of discussing this film based on facts and other things, they are campaigning against it.

On the different reactions coming about the film, PM Modi said in his address that if anyone dares to reveal the truth, then he tried to present the truth which he felt, but no one understands that truth. Not ready to accept. Along with this, efforts are also being made that the world does not see it and for this, a conspiracy is going on for five-six days.

Modi said, “My subject is not a film, my subject is that what is true, it is for the good of the country to bring it in the right form. It can have many aspects. One can see any one aspect. If so, then someone else has another aspect. If you don’t like this film, then you should make another film. Who refuses but they are surprised that the truth which was suppressed for so many years was brought out based on facts If he is going, then all efforts have been made against him.

PM Modi said, “At such times, people who live for truth, have a responsibility to stand for the truth and I hope that everyone will fulfill this responsibility.”

The picture of the director of the film went viral with Modi

The film was released on March 11 and on March 12, a picture of Vivek Agnihotri with Prime Minister Narendra Modi went viral.

The film’s producer Abhishek Agarwal shared a picture with Narendra Modi and wrote, “Had the privilege of meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi. And the special thing is that he got an appreciation for the film #TheKashmirFiles. Thank you, Modi Ji.”

Re-tweeting Abhishek’s tweet, Vivek Agnihotri wrote, “I am extremely happy for you Abhishek that you showed the courage to produce India’s most challenging truth. #TheKashmirFiles being screened in the US proves that The mood of the world is changing under the leadership of Narendra Modi.”

After this picture went viral, there were many reactions. In some, Vivek Agnihotri was praised for the film. At the same time, some people appealed to keep it away from politics.

What director Vivek Agnihotri said about the film

Many controversies are going on regarding the film. Some people allege that the film was not given a proper promotion platform, but the director of the film says, “Look, if the promotion of the film was necessary, I would have called myself but it is not necessary. I did not go. People used to tell me. That was why I didn’t go for a promotion. Although I understand the dynamics of the market, one question I want to know from the people of India is that people have done different things in the name of Kashmir. Having done so many different types of films and other things, I believed that people’s heart beats for Kashmir.”

He said, “I believed that the star of this film is Kashmir. I felt that those who redeem Kashmir day and night will have enough Kashmir in their hearts that they should not worry about which star in the film.” which are and which are not. (#TheKashmirFiles)

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