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Russia-Ukraine War: Who is the biggest player in the world’s arms market – Russia or America

Russia-Ukraine War
Russia-Ukraine War

The real reason for the war between Russia and Ukraine is ‘fear’. Russia ‘fears’ that if Ukraine becomes a member of NATO, its security will be at risk. At the same time, Ukraine has a ‘fear’ of Russia. Because of this ‘fear’, he was seeking membership in NATO and his fear finally turned into reality.

Another ‘fear’ is being discussed in the midst of the war in Russia Ukraine – that is the ‘fear’ of the possibility of a third world war. Although there is no concrete basis for this fear at the moment, different countries have also decided to increase investment in the defense sector in view of this ‘fear’. The latest examples are of Germany and China.

The countries of the world have only one way to remove the fear of any major war – that is weapons.
The bigger the stock of weapons, the more powerful that country considers itself to be in fighting the enemy. That is why it is important to understand the world’s ‘market of fear’ ie ‘arms market’.

Countries that sell the world’s largest arms

Let us first understand which are the countries in the world, that trade in arms in the world. America, Russia, France, Germany, and China together hold 75% of the world’s arms market. At present, America is at number one and Russia is at number two. But Russia also wants to be number one in this market.

America stands with Ukraine in this war between Russia and Ukraine. Because of this many experts are also terming this war as the war of Russia and America. At present, America and many other countries of Europe are helping Ukraine with weapons, which is also being requested by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky himself.

Because of this, allegations are also being made on America that it wants to increase its arms market amidst the fear of insecurity.

Countries that buy the most weapons

According to a 2021 report by Sweden-based think tank ‘Stockholm International Peace Research Institute’ (Sipri), the five biggest buyers of weapons in this fear market are Saudi Arabia, India, Egypt, Australia, and China.

If we look closely at the countries that sell and buy, it is known that China is the only country whose name is in both the list of countries that sell the most arms and countries that buy the most weapons. Defense affairs expert Rahul Bedi explains the reason behind this. According to him, “China has an old tried-and-tested formula. It first buys weapons from other countries and then ‘reverse engineer’ it, making something better and selling it.”

Reverse engineering means dismantling the weapon and remodeling its parts here. In this process, China also makes some changes in those parts according to its need and then either uses them or sells them. Because of this, China is also ahead in the list of importers for weapons and also in the list of exporters.

Which countries buy weapons from Russia

If you look at the list of those who bought arms from Russia and America, it is known that they are completely different from each other. According to the latest SIPRI report, the top three buyers of Russia’s weapons are India, China, Algeria. That is, India is the biggest buyer of Russian weapons.

Experts believe that for this reason India is keeping its distance from this matter and is not openly opposing Russia. Russia helps India in arms as well as technology transfer. Because of this India is able to make some things in its own country as well.

Which countries buy weapons from America

As far as America’s weapons buying countries are concerned, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and South Korea are at the forefront of this list. But it is not that India does not buy arms from America. Apart from Russia, India also buys weapons from America, Israel, and France.

Recently, in the defense sector, the Modi government has raised the slogan of ‘Self-reliant India’. Because of this also India wants to reduce its dependence on Russia and other countries by diversifying the defense sector.

This is the reason why India is not openly taking any side in this war. If India says something in opposition to Russia or in support of Ukraine, then it can lead to a rift in the friendship between India and America. At this time, India is not in a position to buy hostility from America.

How much changed the arms market of Russia and America

India’s slogan of ‘Self-reliant India’ regarding the defense sector has had the biggest impact on Russia. According to the report of SIPRI, Russia’s arms market grew a lot between 2016-18, but it decreased significantly in 2019-20.

In this, 53% reduction was due to India. During this, India also took arms from other countries. Although Russia is now turning to China to sell weapons, this deficit is still not fully compensated.

While America’s arms market has grown by 15 percent in the last ten years, Russia’s has decreased by 22 percent. However, Rahul Bedi says that the picture of the arms market may change slightly after the Russia-Ukraine war.

He says, “America has both money and technology. Because of this, it is number one in the arms market. Russia has some technology that even America does not have. China has money and the goods are ready.” Industrial capacity to do so. If Russia and China come closer, then for how long America’s dominance in the arms market will last, cannot be said.

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