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Russia-Ukraine War| Australia said China showed commitment to peace in the world

Russia's attack on Ukraine
Russia's attack on Ukraine

The Prime Minister of Australia has raised some questions on China’s attitude to Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morris said, “The world has long been listening to China’s statement of commitment to global peace, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.”

PM Scott Morrison said, “It is up to China to prove at this stage that its commitment was not just a statement.”

Morris said that China should also impose economic sanctions on Russia.

He said, “If China criticizes Russia’s attack and imposes economic sanctions on it, then its effect will be greater. But at the moment it has not happened.”

Morrison once again emphasized that Australia is with countries opposing Russia’s aggression. He said, “This is necessary because there are such powerful countries in our region who are just waiting to see if there is any split or lack in the unity of the Western countries.”

Russia said, will stop the attacks to let the common people go

Russian state media has said that Russia will stop attacks to evacuate civilians trapped in different cities of Ukraine from safe corridors. Russia has said that it is ready to stop attacks in cities like Kyiv, Kharkiv.

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry, this limited ceasefire will go into effect at 10 a.m. local time and safe passages will be created for the evacuation of civilians from the capital city of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mariupol, and Sumy.

Russia is currently bombing and shelling all these cities. Ukrainian officials have not yet said anything on this claim of Russia.

But the two corridors that have been talked about to open, one is going from Kyiv to Belarus and the other from Kharkiv towards the Russian border.

Two attempts to evacuate civilians have failed

In the past two days, two attempts were made to evacuate civilians from Mariupol, but both failed.

Ukrainian officials said civilians could not be evacuated from Mariupol because the strikes were still going on in time for a ceasefire by Russia.

Meanwhile, today the delegations of Ukraine and Russia will meet again for talks, but there is little hope of achieving anything from these talks.

What if Zelensky was killed in a Russian attack? America responded

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken was asked during an interview on the CBS News channel what would happen if Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelesky is killed in a Russian attack? In response to this question, Blinken said that the Ukrainian government has a contingency plan.

Antony Blinken said, “Ukraine has a pass plan. I am not going to go into detail on this right now. We will decide what to do to keep the government in power. Leave it to me.”

Blinken was asked if the US was working on a plan for an interim government without Zelensky.

It is being said in many media reports that Zelensky is the target of the Russian attack. Zelensky himself has also spoken about the danger to his life. Zelensky doesn’t even come to life yet. They record the video and put it on social.

What would be the effect if Russia killed President Zelensky? In response, Blinken said, “First of all, Zelensky and his government have stood by the whole matter. People have shown amazing courage.

Regarding the sanctions, Blinken said that it is having a very serious effect on Russia. People are not able to buy essential goods because companies are running away.

Russia increased America’s trouble by placing a condition on Iran

The effort to restore the 2015 Iran nuclear deal had already been dealt a blow by the Ukraine crisis. Meanwhile, Russia has put a condition, due to which the problems of the countries of the West have increased.

Russia has demanded that the US guarantee that the sanctions will not affect its trade with Iran. Western countries have imposed very strict sanctions on Russia regarding the attack on Ukraine.

According to the news agency Reuters, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the nuclear deal with Iran has been disrupted due to Western sanctions.

Due to this condition of Russia, America’s efforts may get a setback, under which it was trying to resolve the issue of Iran soon.

However, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the sanctions on Russia were due to the attack on Ukraine and that there was no point in linking it to Iran’s nuclear deal.

Blinken said in an interview with CBS, “The two issues are completely different and cannot be lumped together. The deal with Iran is close to being reached, but many challenging issues remain to be resolved.

An Iranian official told Reuters news agency that Tehran was waiting for an explanation from Russia.

The official said, “Russia has asked for a written guarantee from America. Russia wants that there should be no restrictions on trade, investment, and military-tech cooperation with Iran. What Russia wants, needs to be understood.

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