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Rapid evacuation of people from Ukraine


by Thinkerbabu News Desk
09 March 2022

A large number of civilian casualties are reported from Russian bombings in Ukraine. Meanwhile, citizens of many countries are also stranded. About 20,000 students from India were stranded there, who have been brought back to their country after many complicated efforts. There are still children from many countries there. Meanwhile, by putting international pressure on Russia, an initiative is being taken to get ordinary citizens and foreign children out of there. Due to international pressure, Russia has declared a ceasefire in many cities, amid which millions of people have got the opportunity to move out of Ukraine.

The humanitarian corridor opened in the Ukrainian city of Sumi

It is reported that a humanitarian corridor is being opened in Ukraine’s northeastern city of Sumy for the past several days. The governor of Sumi has said that this arrangement will continue for a few more days to bring out the trapped people. Nearly 5000 people left the city on Tuesday alone due to the humanitarian corridor being built amid the ceasefire.

However, Russian bombings destroyed much of the Sumi. Last Tuesday, 694 Indian students stranded here were evacuated via Lviv city. Thousands of Indian students have been expelled from here. Of these, about a thousand left the city in private vehicles and many people were able to get out of the train.

Ukraine opposed the creation of a humanitarian corridor like Belarus

When Russia agreed to a ceasefire to build a humanitarian corridor under international pressure, it only wanted this corridor to come out on the side of Russia’s border i.e. the border of Belarus. Ukraine’s President Zelensky strongly opposed this Russian proposal. He wanted the humanitarian corridor not to run from Ukraine to Russia.
The corridor, which has been built from the Ukrainian city of Sumi, is the humanitarian corridor prepared in Sumi from Sumi to Poltava, from Poltava to Lviv, and then to Lviv, Poland.

Millions of Ukrainian citizens have become refugees

A large number of civilian casualties are being reported during Russian attacks. Due to this millions of Ukrainian refugees were taken to Poltava. According to the United Nations, about two million Ukrainian citizens have had to leave their homes.

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