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Putin’s warning – don’t make the situation worse by imposing more sanctions

Putin's warning
Putin's warning

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned countries opposing Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

Putin says that the situation should not be made worse by imposing more sanctions on Russia.

These remarks came to light when Putin was addressing a government meeting, which was being shown on Russia’s state news channel Rossiya 24.

During this, Putin claimed that “we have no ill intentions against our neighbors”.

He said that the Russian government believes that neighboring countries should not take any such step “that could further spoil our relations”.

Vladimir Putin continues, “I think everyone should think about how the relationship will be normalized, in general, helping each other and improving the relationship.”

Putin also reiterates his earlier claim that the actions of the Russian military are only a response to some action against Russia.

Putin’s statement comes at a time when foreign ministers of Western countries are gathering in Brussels to assess how to put pressure on Russia.

Now Russia also banned German broadcaster DW

The BBC’s news service was banned in Russia. Now Russia has done the same with the global German broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW).

On Friday, Russia banned DW Online.

Earlier, the broadcast of DW’s Russian service was banned before Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Simultaneously, the recognition of journalists was abolished.

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