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First Possible Case of Deer-to-Human COVID Transmission Identified


The first case of coronavirus transmitted from deer to humans has been reported in Canada, which experts have declared as dangerous to humans.

“Once this case is discovered, we need to keep a close eye on wildlife activity and movement in order to save the lives of animals and humans,” said doctors and scientists.

A research paper was also published in which scientists discovered coronavirus in dead deer, but the study was not easy because the scientists took liquid samples from the noses and lymph glands of 300 dead deer from all over Canada. I discovered the virus in 17 deer.

According to the scientists, in the next phase of this study, corona patients were examined and it was found that the genetic condition of one patient and deer virus was very similar.

Experts say only one such case has been discovered, while other investigations are ongoing.

On the other hand, white-tailed deer were also found to be infected with the coronavirus in the forests of the United States, on which animal experts said that the transmission of the virus from deer to humans is a unique case.

The news outlet reported that other known cases of transmission from animals to humans have been identified in farmed mink and likely hamsters. But for the most part, humans transmit the virus to animals and are most likely to catch the virus from other people.

At the same time, the Public Health Agency of Canada has issued guidelines for hunters, trappers, and those handling wild deer. People should wear gloves, goggles, and masks when they may come into contact with respiratory tissues and fluids, especially indoors.

The agency said coronaviruses are killed by normal cooking temperatures, and there is no evidence that cooked venison can spread the virus.

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