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China-US Entangled Over Military Help to Russia, Moscow Gave This Answer

russia ukraine war update
russia ukraine war update

The US and China are at loggerheads amid reports of Russia seeking military help from China. However, Russia has said that it did not ask for any military help from China and is capable of conducting operations in Ukraine.

But even before Russia’s side came to the fore, rhetoric started between the US and China on this issue.

While the US has given a stern warning to China regarding Russia’s help in the Ukraine-Russia war, the former editor of the Global Times has advised the US itself.

There were reports in the Financial Times and the New York Times that Russia has sought military and economic help from China. Russia wants China to supply military goods to Ukraine.

It was also speculated in the report that China can help Russia in this matter. But, America has warned China about helping Russia. A reply has also come from China on this matter.

what is the matter

The Financial Times quoted a US official as saying that Russia had been requesting China’s equipment since the beginning of the attack.

However, the official did not specify what kind of equipment Russia was seeking.

The New York Times report quoted US officials as saying that Russia is seeking economic assistance to reduce the impact of economic sanctions imposed on it.

After Russia’s attack on Ukraine, Western countries have imposed tough economic sanctions on Russia. Russia is facing great economic loss due to this.

At the same time, relations between Russia and China have improved in the last few years. Both countries have been accusing Western countries of targeting them.

In the case of Russia and Ukraine also, China was absent from voting on the resolution against Russia in the United Nations Security Council and the General Assembly of the United Nations.

China has so far tried to show its neutrality regarding the Russian attack and has not condemned the attack.

America’s warning

America has warned China about helping Russia. The US said that China will face “bad consequences” if it helps Russia in its attack on Ukraine.

On Monday, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan is expected to meet with top Chinese foreign policy official Yang Jieshe in Rome.

Speaking to NBC on Sunday, Sullivan said that the US will ensure that Russia’s economic losses are not compensated by China or any other country.

China’s answer

China has not officially said anything in this matter, but the former editor of Global Times has advised America itself.

On reports of Russia receiving military aid from China, a spokesman for the Chinese embassy in the US said that China’s aim was to prevent the war in Ukraine “from becoming uncontrollable”.

The news agency Reuters has written to spokesman Liu Pengyu that ‘the situation in Ukraine is really worrying. Right now the biggest priority is to prevent the stressful situation from getting worse or going out of control.

Hu Xijin, former editor of China’s state media Global Times, tweeted the Financial Times report, writing, “I think China and the US should reach an agreement that all countries should support any side in the Russia-Ukraine crisis.” Military aid should not be given. They should be allowed only humanitarian help.

After the Russian attack, countries like America, France, and Britain are continuously giving military aid to Ukraine. Weapons and other military equipment are being provided to Ukraine.

The same, the war continues in Ukraine for the 19th day as well. Russia has occupied many areas of Ukraine and fighting is also going on in the capital Kyiv.

Meanwhile, talks are also going on between the two countries. Russia and Ukraine will hold talks again on Monday.

From the Russian side, Dmitry Peskov and President Vladimir Putin’s press secretary said that these talks would be held via video conference.

what did Russia say

Russia has said that it did not ask for any military help from China during the attack on Ukraine. Russia says it has “the ability to conduct its own special military operation in Ukraine alone”. Russia calls the attack on Ukraine a ‘special military operation’. “It is going exactly according to the original schedule.” According to the news agency Reuters, Russia has said that it has also taken note of comments from the US and the European Union about Ukraine’s military operation not going according to Putin’s plan. has done.

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