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Complete Information About The Diet Of a Pregnant Woman

It is every woman’s desire to give birth to a healthy baby. For your baby to be healthy, it is very important to consume enough nutritious food during pregnancy with proper care. The development...


Strawberries Miracles

Garden Strawberry or Strawberry is a mixed species [Hybrid Species] of the species Fragaria. It is grown as a fruit all over the world. This fruit, called Strawberry, is very much liked due to its aro...

Table Manners

Dining Around The World

Canadian Table Manners 5 Incredibly useful Tips of Dining that will Act as your Saviour in Ontario Do not forget to add 12-20% to your bill when you’re dining out. Waiters expect tips there. Alw...


Zabardast Recipes

STUFFED MOONG DAL PARATHA  INGREDIENTS: Wheat flour-3 cups Moong dal-2 cups Cumin seed-1 teaspoon Green chili-1 teaspoon Coriander powder-1 teaspoon Ginger-2 teaspoons(chopped) Salt-as neededOil-as pe...

Zaikedar Recipes

Zaikedar Recipes

Today we are going to teach you the five best food recipes. By cooking which you can get praise from your family and your friends. It is very easy to cook them. BEETROOT MAGIC INGREDIENTS Beetroot-3 m...